Main objectives and results of the project

The aim of the project was to find the values of the Kohner heritage in Szászberek in order to strength the local patriotism and to enhance the identity of the Szászberek people. To achieve this goal, the protection, and utilization of the natural and built heritage was realized: there no vated carriage way as a community space was introduce to the everyday life of the settlement.

Within the framework of the project, the project promoter government could save a building from total destruction, which is part of the village's history and has created a large community space. That is also well suited for conducting regional events. The area surrounding the building was also recreated: the park, which was built on a large ground and the bust of Kohner Adolf, Baron of Szászberek, is now the jewel of the village.

The complete external and internal renovation of the building has been completed. It's central place is the exhibition area, which, on the one hand, presents the intellectual heritage of the Kohner. On the other hand, it serves as a place to organize community programs and events. The reception area is located to the South of the exhibition hall, while the north-facing rooms have a traditional country-side design: there is a presentation of a servant’s room, a kitchenand a pantry.

The local government wants to promote active citizenship, strength local communities, and develop partnerships between society organizations as this is necessary for the village of Szászberek to be an attractive, viable and youthful 21st-century settlement.


Széchenyi 2020